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Let's Collaborate

OUR TEAM IS ALWAYS READY TO WORK WITH YOU ON YOUR NEXT DESIGN. We look forward to our collaboration!


Are you a non-profit?

Are you looking for new & creative ways to fundraise for your non-profit? We would love to support your cause! Our team will custom-design and manufacture a jewelry piece that reflects your cause. You will have a fundraising-ready product that people will love!

p.s: Minimum of 100 custom-pieces/design


Are you a Creative business?

Are you a creative business looking to design a unique geometric product inspired by Islamic Art & Architecture? Our design team can make a custom design for any medium. What would make this collaboration even better is using the sales to fundraise for Children's Education.


are you a shop/retailer?

Are you a retailer or a shop interested in selling some of products at your store? Pick your favorite products from our shop and we will send it to you. Wholesale price applies for the minimum order of 10 pieces/design.

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Ready to take the next step?

We are open to all creative collaborations. Just fill out this form and we will get back to you with our collaboration packets according to the project's needs.

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How can we collaborate?
Do you have any others ideas? Let's brainstorm
Would you consider donating part or all proceeds from the sales of your product to invest in the Education of Syrian Children? *