A Conversation Starter

SiwarBox is a subscription box delivering unique custom designed accessories Quarterly (Every Three Months).

SiwarBox is a fashion initiative to celebrate the beautiful mosaic of our community. Our roots come from many different parts of the world, yet our spirits and humanity are the same.

SiwarBox features uniquely designed scarves and accessories that celebrate several artistic and architectural patterns from around the Islamic world. 

An expression of love, art, and a statement for united humanity.

Our concepts read cultures and identities, and then present them through a fusion of modern designs and products.

The word ‘Siwar’ comes from Arabic and it means “Bracelet”. It also means “to Travel” in other languages. 

SiwarBox’s accessories rejoice the warmth of the multitude of colorful cultures around the Muslim world. Given the designer’s artistic and professional background, each campaign will shine a present-day light on patterns from a major hub of Islamic architecture. 

In a time of division and discord in our larger American community, SiwarBox is an expression of love, art, and a statement for united humanity.

Our Contribution: In every quarterly campaign, 25% of SiwarBox profits will go to a carefully picked non-profit organization that supports women.

Our Objectives:
1- Promote Diversity.
2- Initiate Dialogue to Promote Peace and Counter Hatred.
3- Revive Traditional Arts and Techniques.
4- Support Humanitarian Causes.


Salam Aref

Founder, Graphic Designer and Photographer


Salam started wearing the Hijab at an early age and it became part of her identity. She sees it as a symbol of strength, femininity and diversity. A minimalist in style, Salam believes that "Less is More".  Salam means "Peace" in Arabic, and such meaning has been affecting her personality throughout her life. She uses art as a way to peacefully express herself and spread peace. At only 12, Salam won the first prize in a website design competition in Kuwait, and soon enhanced her knowledge in graphic designs. Soon after she came to the U.S, she founded a company named "New Dream Designs" that strives to serve Non-profit organizations by providing minimal cost designs. She uses Islamic Art as an inspiration for her designs and photography. She enjoys taking photos of people and architectural details.

Salam studied Architecture in Damascus, Syria but was forced to leave when the revolution started. She is currently finishing her Architectural degree at the University of Maryland with a minor in Art History. Salam lives in Maryland, USA with her husband Ghuydar, and 18 months old son, Shaamel.

" I'm blessed with a supportive family and beautiful son who mean the world to me. I want my son to grow up knowing that money doesn't mean anything unless it is put towards helping others. That's why I founded SiwarBox and partnered with my best friend to spread a peaceful message, create high quality accessories that empower girls and women, and educate people about our rich culture and faith. "God is truly Beautiful and He loves beauty." My hope is to manifest His beauty through my passion for Islamic Architecture and Art."